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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 29, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EST

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hillary clinton at the state department. friday will be her final day on that job. driving in from northern virginia today, i ran into a little bit of that fog. >> you did? let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist tom keerp about what the fog is about and warmer weather. >> it stayed above freezing overnight. starting off with a little bit of a remnant of moise you are in the air from the rain yesterday. still quite a bit of cloudiness and a few sprinkles showing up out of the mountains and those patches of green. we do have that patchy fog. it's not widespread. the patchy fog, it's now in upper 30s to 40 degrees in montgomery county. much of prince george's county in the 40s. the rest of northern virginia holding steady in the upper 30s right now. a milder morning under way. now, by 6:00 a.m., we're still going to have that patchy fog and a partly cloudy sky.
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the moon showing there. in the mid-30s to upper 30s. by 8:00 a.m., near 40 degrees. still lingering, patchy fog. by 10:00 in the mid 40s and the sunshine in and out. in the -- i'll be back in ten minutes with another update. danella with a look at our first 4 traffic. good morning. >> pretty quiet around the area. let's talk about emergency construction. if you're traveling 650, new hampshire boulevard northbound, you'll see your center lane blocked by the roadwork there. heading up to i-270, this is your commute this had morning. very, very clear as far as light volume. not seeing any accidents or construction. this time passing clarksburg, going through germantown and gaithersburg, clear. rockville, as you connect to the beltway, no issues to report this morning. a nice clear trip around the beltway between i-270 and i-95
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in both directions. eun? melissa mollet has breaking news. >> the search is on for a fighter jet missing off the coast of italy. here's what we know. the plane took off for a training mission last night. only the pilot was on board when the plane lost contact after sending a distress signal over the aid rat i can sea. they're searching the waters. initial word is that it was not carrying weapons. at the live desk, melissa mollet, news 4. more breaking news right now. a deadly plane crash overseas. at least 22 people are dead in a plane crash from kazakhstan. it happened near the biggest city. few other details are available right now. we'll continue to follow the story and bring you latest information throughout the morning. students in arlington will head back to school after a day off thanks to the weather. some parents are upset the
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children got a day off in the first place. some families were confused by the district's condition saying the roads in arlington were clear yesterday. the arlington district was the only one inside the beltway to close rather than have a two-hour delay. the school district defends the decision and erred on the decision saying there was icing in the forecast. mixed reaction to the boy scouts decision to end its ban on gay members and leaders. it announced yesterday it could ease it's decades long ban as early as next week. the change would lift the ban on a national level and still allow local organizations to decide for themselves. while religious organizations like the southern baptist convention have said they're disappointed. others believe the scouts are making the change because of growing pressure. >> one of the reasons that the bsa is moving in this direction is because there's such a groundswell of local leaders who have been calling for an end to the ban because they see how
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it's hurting their local level. >> the bsa released a statement saying it could allow parents and members to choose a local organization that best fits of needs of their families sdpliefrj 4:33 now. later had morning, closing arguments begin in the trial for an executive accused of misusing funds and abusing his power. john leopold is charged with having his security detail drive him around so he could have an affair. he's accused of misusing county money also. his lawyers say that he abused his power are too vague. if found guilty, he would be suspended from office and could be removed when he receives his sentence. also had morning, jury deliberations continue in the trial of a former police officer charged with murder. former culpeper officer daniel harmon-wright is accused of murdering 54-year-old patricia cook last february. harmon-wright says cook was accused of trespassing on church property and trapped his arm in her car window and tried to drive off. he says he shot her in
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self-defense. prosecutors say it was a cold blooded killing. he faces anywhere from a year to life in prison. police are looking for the man in this video. he's a person of interest in connection with a sexual assault in northwest washington. the video shows the man walking near the crime scene, the 1400 block of florida avenue. police say the attack happened sunday, january 20th. if you recognize the man in the video, contact police. the man accused of killing a woman at a bus stop in northwest washington says he met the woman on the social media website tagged. siohban lee was found -- buckley was charged with the murder. but he says he's innocent. he got her phone after someone else shot her at fifth and nicholson streets. tagged is a site allowing smartphone users to meet, chat and flirt over the internet. we're expecting good news on state of the district's finances. mayor vincent gray will announce
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a large budget surplus when he reveals the annual financial report. that surplus could be in the range of $400 million. d.c. brought in millions of dollars in tax revenue from its growing population. the city's booming commercial real estate market is also to think for that surplus. here's a question. what color do you think d.c. taxis should be? the district's taxi cab commission, the uniform color panel hold iing a meeting at the library from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. there are nine color schemes the panel is considering for the 6,000-plus taxis. the panel will make the decision sometime next month. the so-called tebow bill is one step closer to passing. if it passes, it would allow children who he -- it's named after the nfl star who was home-schooled in florida but allowed to play football at his local high school. the bill was introduced in 2005. it's failed every year since.
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it gives home-school kids an advantage to make the team unfair because they don't have the same academic criteria as public school athletes. super bowl xlvii is five days away but today is arguably the biggest day leading up to the game. super bowl media day. the ravens and 49ers will hit the peeled to take questions from reporters. it seems every media outlet sends at least one reporter to cover the game or today's events. there will always be a few surprises, including the fun costumes, hats, bizarre questions. this is quite the american spectacle i guess you could say. >> i want to know what dan hallie is wearing today. >> maybe he'll tweet it out. ahead on "news4 today," under fire. what a swat officer says saved his life during a shooting raid. you're on timeout leo!
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some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. welcome back. this is something you don't see every day. a volcano in russia continues to erupt shooting gas and ash into the sky. these rivers of molten lava were dormant for 40 years. it's been erupting since november. no one has been evacuated. the nearest town is 40 miles away but they're keeping a close eye on it. beautiful pictures. >> 40 miles, still too close for
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me. i would be leaving real soon. speaking of hot, though. we're going to welcome warmer air to the area. >> looking forward to it. weather and traffic on the 1s. here's meteorologist tom kierein. >> but no lava. just some fog this morning. starting off with milder temperatures. right now around the metro area, we're in the 30s to near 40 degrees. much of the region. and throughout the region, wech just a few sprinkles showing up on storm team 4 radar in the northern shenandoah valley and the mountains. there's a sprinkle in hay market, virginia. by 6:30 in the upper 30s with patchy fog around by 8:30 near 40 degrees. in prince william at heymarket out to be in the upper 40s. by noontime, near 50 degrees and then hitting the mid-50s by mid afternoon and a partly sunny sky and holding steady near 50
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overnight today. your seven-day outlook in ten minutes. a look at traffic now with danella. good morning. >> good morning. checking the roads. if you're in prince george's county, local roads quiet. checking roads on the 301. even the trip on 5 branch avenue, traveling 210, no issues there. as you take 5 and head up to the beltway, here's a live look in both directions between i-95 and the wilson bridge, nice and clear. want to show you a close look. you're seeing damp roadway. give yourself a little extra time. don't drive too fast. do me a favor. i'm back in ten minutes. angie and eun, back to you. right now, it's 4:42. still to come on "news4 today," one man's quick action saves lives when a bus goes out of control. >> are you in the water now? >> we're in the water, filling up. we have to bail. >> then the call for help. we hear the frantic
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i'm melissa mollet at the live desk. we're getting new information about an overnight suicide bombing in somalia. we know at least two soldiers have been killed and dozens of people hurt. the attacker detonated a bomb as he was being questioned as a checkpoint inside the presidential compound there. he was reportedly four checkpoints away from the president's home. the president is is out of the country on state business right now. at the live desk, melissa mollet, news 4. this morning, we're learning more about the safety violations that contributed to a deadly fire inside a brazilian nightclub. investigators say the nightclub kiss had no fire alarm, no sprinklers, very few fire extinguishers of which one did not work, and there was only one exit for 1300 people. the death toll stands at 231
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during when a band set pyrotechnics on fire. at least three have been arrested including the club owner and two band members. the deadly fire in brazil has brought up concerns about nightclub safety in our area. we spoke to several fire departments in our area who tell us they do regular safety checks making sure there are lit exit signs and pull-down fire alarms and smoke detectors. and a second exit accessible. most do not allow pyrotechnics in the club. a man is hailed as a hero as a runaway bus hurled down madison avenue. their driver passed out and picked up speed. one of the passengers jumped into action, grabbing the wheel and eventually stopping the runaway bus. >> i grabbed the wheel as soon as we start -- i saw that we're hitting cars. i jumped to the wheel and
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grabbed the wheel. >> what was going through your mind in. >> just figuring out how to try and stop the bus. >> paramedics treated a dozen people for injuries. two people, including the driver are in serious condition. >> we're getting to hear the trapped frantic calls for help after a plane plunged into the icy river near new york city. small piper aircraft went down sunday near yonkers, new york, north of manhattan. it was carrying a pilot and passenger. the 911 calls describe the scene as the two tried to get out of the plane before it sank. >> we're going down. >> okay. sir? >> yes. >> i need you to get out of the plane and let me know when you're out. >> i'm out of the plane. >> okay. >> where is our -- >> i'm going to lose you. i'm not going to make it to shore. >> okay. we have an officer en route and we have a boat in en route. >> okay. i'm going to lose you. >> both people made it out and
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stayed afloat with life vests until help arrived. they were taken to a local hospital and treated for hypothermia. both are expected to be okay. the ntsb is investigating. now to a news 4 exclusive. a prince george's county swat team officer is sharing his story of how a steel door helped to save his life. his team went to raid an apartment in forestville yesterday looking for a drug suspect. they had to use a battering ram to break down the apartment's steel door. according to police, as the officers tried over and over again to get into the unit, the suspect inside opened fire. his bullet was lodged in that steel door. >> you got to use the best tactics and put your training into place and hope that day is not your number. >> police say they found drugs, weapons and hundreds of rounds of ammunition inside that apartment. the suspect, jeremiah pearson is charged with attempted murder. today a senate committee will hold its first hearings on president obama's proposed gun
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control legislation. yesterday the president met with police chiefs from several departments that have dealt with mass shootings, including chiefs from newtown, connecticut, aurora, colorado and tucson, arizona. montgomery county police chief thomas manger was also there for the meeting. as the senate discusses tighter restrictions on guns tomorrow, gun control advocates say now is the time for action. >> my second semester at virginia tech, i found myself on april 16th sitting in class and that's when my whole life changed. >> last night at the roosevelt center in green belt, people gathered to watch the documentary living for 32. that's the show about the survivors of the virginia tech massacre. there was also a discussion about the current gun control debate. gun owners say they should not be punished for other people's actions. but gun control advocates argue there are some firearms that civilians simply don't need. >> i don't support the assault
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weapons ban. >> i'm not taking your gun for you to hunt. i'm taking your assault weapon, which you don't hunt with. and i'm taking your ammunition clib that you don't need 20 shots, 30 shots. >> also in attendance last night, elizabeth ross, her son marco ross was shot and killed last year walking to school in prince george's county. chevron is making corrective actions in response to a large fire at a refinery last summer. the oil company says it's paid about $10 million to settle nearly 24,000 claims from the fire near san francisco. most of that money went to hospitals for medical exams and treatments right after the incident. many people complained of eye and breathing problems after the fire. a cloud of smoke and black smoke and gas over their homes. chevron is also taking steps to make sure it doesn't happen again. the pentagon is laying off many of the 46,000 temporary and
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contract workers because of budget cut. the rest of the workforce would face furloughs of one day per week without pay and those furloughs would last the rest of the 2013 fiscal year. it's all in an attempt to manage the $45 billion in automatic budget cuts set to kick in march 1st. president obama sent praises to congress for passing a $50 billion emergency relief measure for the victims of superstorm sandy. the senate cleared the bill 62-36 late monday evening. the house passed the bill two weeks ago. the measure is aimed primarily at helping residents and businesses as well as state and local governments rebuild. sandy hit the east coast in october and is blamed for more than 130 death and billions of dollars in property damage. some of our area, they're breaking out the foghorn this morning. >> get you ready for what could be waiting on the roads. 4:51. >> if i have a foghorn like that, i'm turning and going the other way. it's much warmer, though. we stald above freezing
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overnight. there's the sky over washington. not much fog around the district but there is patchy dense fog in the rural areas. 43 at reagan national. a light southwesterly breeze. humidity is rather high. as a result, all the roadways are still rather wet. but we're above freezing in the mid-30s in the rural areas of northern virginia, including parts of fairfax county into loudoun, prince william and fauquier. stafford and spotsylvania. gaithersburg to near 40 degrees. college park in prince george's county in the mid-30s. also the low to mid-40s much of southern maryland. over the last several hours, we've had those overnight sprinkles dissipate. but we have a few more coming from the west. right now in the shenandoah valley light sprinkles. clouds coming and going today. by 4:00 p.m., partly sunny and mostly cloudy overnight. by 11:00 going to be quite cloudy.
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during the day on wednesday, lot of clouds around but a southerly flow warming us up ahead of a strong front. all had area in zone is a zone of potential rain out of the mountains and sweeping into the metro area. this is as of 3:00 in the afternoon. not quite yet into the metro area. by late afternoon, we could have this line of heavy downpours maybe with embedded thunder and lightning into tomorrow morning and moving on through quickly. leaving an inch of rain or more. patchy fog by 8:00 a.m. by 10:00 a.m. it ought to be gone. in the mid-40s by then. the four-day forecast, we'll have our temperatures on wednesday soaring to the 60s. then that evening rain ending. windy and colder on thursday. dropping from the 40s in the morning down to the 30s after sunset. the 20s by dawn on friday. friday afternoon, only the 30s with a chance of flurries. here's a look at your weekend. saturday and sunday, mid-30s in the afternoon on saturday morning in the teens though. on sunday, near 40. might get a few passing flurries
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late saturday night and warmer as we get into the first part of next week. here's a look at your traffic now. danella has your first 4 traffic on this tuesday morning. good morning. >> good morning. still checking on roadwork in the area. if you're traveling northbound new hampshire avenue towards slieg he will creek parkway, the middle lane blocked by construction in the roadway. other roads look great. nice and clear. no reports of accidents there. 66 inside the beltway, no issues there. outside the beltway on 66, a live look at fairfax county parkway as you head towards the beltway in both east and westbound. no accidents, no construction at this time. i'm back in ten minutes. we'll take a look at your roads then. back to you both. thanks, danella. it's 4:54. smoking with kids in the car could cost you in virginia soon. virginia senate committee endorsed a bill making it illegal. the bill covers kids under the age of 15. breaking the law, draws a $100
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fine. a similar bill died in the general assembly two years ago. what do you think of this idea? on facebook, this is what it says. great idea. i grew up with that. suzanne tillman says it intrudes on personal freedoms. i'm not a smoker but what's next a fine for cursing or eating junk food. you can still sound off and look for our "news4 today" page and let us know what you think on facebook. >> a wounded warrior hits a milestone on his long road to recovery. we met a soldier who lost both arm and legs in iraq. help is here for those living in alexandria. we check out the new
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welcome back at 4:58. it's that time of year that everyone loves to hate. tax season. the irs will officially begin processing returns tomorrow. tax season was originally supposed to begin on the 22nd but the agency had to push back the date because of changes to tax pol say made in the last minute fiscal cliff deal. many online or tax filing -- are accepting returns but won't submit them until tomorrow. e file is the fastest way. it was received within 21 days. if you have a problem or want to complain about alexandria city services. there's an online service called
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call click connect. by calling a phone number or going online, residents can make a report that's automatically read to the proper department. you are giving a tracking number to follow the progress of your concern or complaint. >> it allows citizens to not get lost in the system. it will get recorded instantly. they'll get an instant response in terms of how much time it will take to be responsive. >> the system also delivers important information to city leaders that could reveal potential problems. today we expect an update from a remarkable soldier recovering from a milestone surgery after losing all four limbs in iraq. brendan more okay a received a double arm transplant at johns hopkins in baltimore last month. he was injured serving in iraq on easter of 2009. his father says he's the first
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